Individual courses that teach standards in an engaging and memorable way.


Our Approach

Our goal isn't just to teach, it's to do it in a way that people remember.

We call it Edutainment. We educate and entertain. We believe that when you do both, your teams have a higher likelihood of remembering the content and applying the standard. And, nothing else, they'll certainly enjoy it more.

Our Library

Food Safety
If your food isn't safe, literally nothing else matters. We've simplified what it means to be safe that takes health inspections, and makes it so that any employee understands what they need to do to keep your guests, team and themselves safe.


We've taken the best of the best when it comes to hospitality and designed it into a course that your teams will love. From basic customer service, to creating repeat loyal guests and everything in between, this course has everything you'll need to teach your teams how to create amazing experiences that guests will love.


Speed of Service
There isn't a guest in the world that loves waiting around for their food. The faster your teams go, the better the experience. We've taken the best of the best from the fastest concepts around the world, and simplified it into easy steps that any restaurant can implement to increase their speed of service.


Guest Recovery
As much as we want to get it right all the time, the reality is we all make mistakes. Knowing how to recover from them makes all the difference. We've simplified what needs to happen into easy to follow steps so that anyone on the team can help turn an upset guest into a fan for life.


Harassment & Discrimination
Most compliance training focuses on what NOT to do. We focus instead on what environment we're trying to create, and the steps to great a great shift, every shift. We teach the steps to preventing Harassment & Discrimination along the way, but in the end your teams will do more than prevent bad things from happening, they'll create the type of environment we'd all like to work in.


Conscious, but comfortable


Produced with recycled fibers and high-quality cotton, our Lux Tee is easy on the environment and easy to look at. It has a standard crew neck and includes a bit of stretch that makes it extremely comfortable.